Saturday, 19 April 2014

Catch Me, Catch You- Part 1

Hello everyone!

It's been a really long time hasn't it? I think that requires quite a few catch up posts, don't you? I've been very busy!

Here we goooo~~~

Winter International Lolita Day called for this reindeer print dress to be made. Actually, i had seen the fabric the year before but it was too close to the end of winter to justify making it so i was waiting all year to make this dress. I really love it <3

Two looks for Christmas shopping and market-going

Shortly into the new year was a Guro Lolita meet to a medical museum. Cue lots of 'blood' and figuring out how to do black guro??? I think i managed it with this dead doll inspired look.

Funny story: while the group were going to the museum, we got off the bus by the hospital (which is next to the museum) and had to wait there while we worked out which way to go. Inevitably a nurse came out and seemed rather surprised by us. A few minutes later she was on the phone giving us very concerned looks haha xD

Outfit rundown: blouse- G.L.P. corset skirt- Atelier Pierrot Bonnet- Stocking Shock Shoes- Bodyline

This was also when i started trying to have split coloured hair... You'll see its progression over the next few posts. Until then my dears!

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