Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Misfit

Today's post is another of those 'I take these random outfit shots but they're not interesting enough for a post' posts. Again, I can't really stress enough that since I'm soooo useless at keeping my blog up to date that you should follow me on instagram. My instagram is @harrisiaintenebris :)

On with the photos~

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  At my River Island we held a fundraising event for a local cancer hospice which included a 5 aside football tournament with other stores in the area, various games, a raffle and a cake sale. Which i quickly signed up for! Naturally I wore lolita to man the stall, and it was the first time my collegues had seen me dressed up. Their reactions were actually very good, i was surprised ^^' Handmade skirt and Bodyline~ Good old Bodyline... but i need a new cardi, this is in all of my outfits...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     First co-ord with the beautiful St Mephisto~ It was strangely sunny and nice one weekend i met Toni so i went for something a little summery and classic. I felt super pretty hehehe~ Again y'know... mess and that cardigan....
 Had to stay late at work one night after store close so this was just a casual outfit.

Casual outfit for coaching it down to London and wandering around by myself. Actually, I had pleather trousers on the bottom and it was surprisingly and unexpectedly warm in London that day so while I was walking towards the London Aquarium via all the tourist hotspots I had to stop off at the National Portrait Gallery and get changed! My walk around went like this: Victoria coach station -> Buckingham Palace -> Trafalgar Square (and the Portrait Gallery) -> Big Ben and across the bridge -> London Aquarium
After spending just shy of 4 hours there (by myself i might add- i LOVE fish!) I went and people watched at Leicester Square until the friend who had graciously agreed to house me for the night finished work. It was a little lonely but i had fun :)
Below is the outfit I wore the day after to meet friends whore were queueing for the VAMPS concert. I was meant to be going to their concert the day before but it sadly got cancelled. People tried to find was for me to stay but it was impossible :'( Dress is Black Peace Now and the corset top is Peace Now, god i miss that brand </3

These three are all just a few outfits from shopping trips and meeting non extravagant friends xD The grey leopard skirt up above is a newly finished sewing project~

Think thats me all caught up again for now. Again follow my instagram for in-between photos. I don't always post the same photo on here as i do there either so you should check it out~

Bye bye for now~

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