Sunday, 27 April 2014

Catch Me, Catch You- Part 2

Are you ready for part two? Still lots of outfits to go, and ive cut a load out already!

First off, a standard night out with bestie Laura. This happened just after i'd been shopping in Manchester and bagged myself this lush maxi in H&M. We both liked it so much, we bought one each! XD

My sewing machine has also been busy lately. Here are two things I've made in an outfit for out of hours working. Next time ill make the blouse longer, it keeps coming out the waist and of my skirt :(

Forgive me if im wrong but this was an outfit for no reason other than fabric shopping.
Outfit check! Skirt, blouse and headbow- bodyline Cardigan- Angelic Pretty. Star clip- Snow Field

Another night out with lovely Laura (pictured above). Its thanks to Laura that ive had a social life recently hehe

Hallowqueen debuted as its first non-costumey Lolita outfit at Huddersfield Manga Con which is pretty local to me. It was much better than I was expecting. The local girls set up a Loli Lounge with tea, cakes, nail art, dvds and most of all, a bring and buy! I sold two things and that meant i left a con with more money than i went there with! When was the last time you heard of that happening?!

After the con a few of us went for Pizza and chit chat. And yes, i managed to stay in those boots all day. And no, they didn't hurt one bit.

Well, i think that might be all for now. One or two more posts should catch us up to date, just in time for a couple of upcoming meets.

As always, check my instagram for real time updates on my face and sewing projects. @harrisiaintenebris

See you next time! <3

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