Sunday, 17 August 2014

Catch Me, Catch You- Part 3

Well after a long break having moved in and a whole bunch of other things happening, I have come to catch you up again! Lets GO!~

Picking up from where we left off, only a week after the Huddersfield Manga Con was 'Pudding Meet'! Filled with chocolatey and sweet goodness. Travelling to York for the first time since I was a child (though I don't remember it at all) we visited the Chocolate story, where we learnt all about the chocolate history of yorkshire and got to make some cute lollies, and Fudge Kitchen, where we all crammed into this tiny fudge shop to see it incredible fudge being made by the newly dubbed 'Fudge-senpai'. We even ended up on their facebook page!

Since this was only 4 weeks before the big event called Enchanted (coming up next) I should have been using all my time to make my outfit for that... Instead, I obviously opted to make a new dress for this meet. My favourite thing about this dress is the back, since the entire back portion is missing to make way for a huge bow that you tie up yourself like waist ties! Unfortunately i was silly and didn't take pictures of this...

It's not often i wear something so cute so I took advantage of the situation and pulled as many cutesy poses as i could hehehe. After the meet was over, I trained it back to Myfanwy's house to film a special documentary about Lolita discussing the minorities in the fashion- I represented the handmade lolita.

Next up was that wonderful event we were all looking forward too- ENCHANTED!

Since it's such a big event, I wanted to make something really special and OTT. After thinking about it for a while and being rather stuck for ideas, i remembered hearing about and seeing the images of the Lovers of Valdaro and was struck with inspiration. What came of it is something I am really proud of. It took many hours to make the whole thing, and everything i wore was handmade- even the shoes were heavily customised. I also got to try out a new fabric printing company based in the UK which was exciting, and i was really pleased with them, though i still wish you could print darker blacks! :(

For the event I stayed with a couple of local girls in an apartment, which was super fun- especially the day of the event when we were all getting ready together. Enchanted started quite late in the day so I met up with some other friends and went all over London, from parks to Piccadilly, to take photos and eat lunch together. I had heels planned for the actual thing, so i took those in a separate bag and change into them later so my feet wouldn't drop off by the end of the day ^^'

 Bonus photo! After I got back to the apartment late in the night I started the long process of taking everything out of my crazy hair!
I loved the curls when i took it down, which i think is the best thing about doing curls and updos this way, i could have easily brushed it a little and gone straight back out!

 The day after, I was due to travel back home in the evening so I spent the day having a little me-time in my favourite city. First, I went to the V&A museum, which for some reason, despite being a fashion student and lover, I had never been to. I was spotted by a staff member there and we had a little chat about the lolita exhibition they had there last year. I also ended up talking to this lovely old lady for about half an hour while we walked around, both about the fashion and some other things, she was really sweet. After that I walked a lot (I'm not even sure where i ended up!) before hopping on the tube back to Leicester Square and doing some shopping. I didn't buy too much apart from huge packets of Pocky and Hello Panda biscuits and a Kera magazine. With legs truly exhausted, I headed back to Kings Cross for my train home- on which i just happened to meet up with a friend and we chatted the whole way home! It was an amazing weekend!

Here is my co-ord of Bodyline and AP cardigan. As promised, here you can see the split hair that finally emerged! I really love it and am so glad i took the plunge and did it!

A week after Enchanted, where did i find myself? Why, at another meet of course! It was a busy couple of months, thats for sure! This time it was Leeds' annual Geek Meet, where we all create co-ords of our favourite fandoms. I was a little of a loss for this one, and wasn't sure what to do, but in a week, i threw together this sallopette/skirt and did 'visual kei lolita'. Naturally this meant big hair so i got to do something I have always wanted to do and have a mohawk with lolita! Maybe it looks a little far fetched from the rules of Lolita, but i loved my outfit and everyones equally bizarre outfits looked amazing too.

 It became another edition of 'Just How Much Can Charlotte Fit in Her HAIR?!'

Alas, only 4 or 5 outfits remain, so we shall take a short break here. I'll return shortly ( i promise!) with the rest of this catch up.


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